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A daughters perspective.

KT & daughters Chantel & Cecily

My earliest recollection of the very first dance I went to was in the VNC, on Brixton/Vassal Road, early 1980’s. We used to have a Friday night blues dance, in those days admission was only 50p.

There King Tubby’s would string up to play with local sounds like Jamdown Rockers and Dread Diamonds (Victor R.I.P).  It was a good community Friday night affair and where great MC’s like Tipper Irie and Slater (representing King Tubby’s) got to battle it out with Ricky Ranking and Champian (representing Jamdown Rockers).     

Through the years sound system has changed and I suppose for some sound systems there is no such thing as a community dance as they soon turn into a clash!

Speaking of a recent clash, King Tubby’s ventured to Nottingham for the second time for the Winner Takes All Clash.  

We played amongst sounds like Classique, Willpowa, Immortal, Jahman.  

Of course I’m going to say King Tubby’s played the best and thousands of others would support me in this.; However during the course of the dance sounds like Classique (Winners from last year), Willpowa, Jahman began to drop out, leaving King Tubby’s and Immortal to go forward for the 1 to 1 final round.

We played nothing but our very best from artists like Garnet Silk, Dennis Brown, Burning Spear, Freddy McGregor, one a way dubs hard to follow by anyone. Immortal, give them there due, played well for a young up and coming sound from Birmingham.

They had plenty of talk to boost their dub plates.  One Ras (from Immortal) with his talk and charisma managed to win over the crowd who were bound to vote for the sound closest to their area rather than a London sound,; leaving us (King Tubby’s) defeated for the second time at the Winner Takes All clash

What can I say for some reason we always seem to take a back seat when it comes to a sound clash.

One message I do have for all is


King Tubby’s, 42 Years and still going from strength to strength

One Love to All


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