osbournMentor and greatest influence for Cecil Tubby's, Osbourne Ruddock(Aka) The Dub Master, KingTubby 28.01.1941 - 06.02.1989. The name was styled after the legendary Dub Master from Jamaica, Osbourne Ruddock AKA King Tubby’s who Cecil saw as his inspiration and mentor in Reggae Music. This friendship and close working relationship remained right up to the day of Osbourne’s untimely death in 1989. King Tubby’s hi-fi became King Tubby’s Sound System and went from strength to strength.

tubbyCecil Rennie AKA King Tubby’s, born in the parish of St Thomas, Jamaica. He came to England as a teenager in 1965. His love of music wasn’t left behind in Jamaica; it developed in England to become a life long passion. Cecil started his quest to be a leading soundman by serving his apprenticeship as a dedicated follower/selector of Duke Reid Sound System, This association lasted until 1969. In March 1970 King Tubby’s hi-fi was born making Cecil at the age of 19, one of the youngest sound system owners in the UK.In 1973 introducing dub plate specials on sound systems, King Tubby’s led the way. The Sound’s reputation grew and from playing locally in the Brixton area, soon there was not a venue in the UK King Tubby’s had not played at. King Tubby’s caught the imagination of reggae music lovers everywhere and the dances were always packed.King Tubby’s Sound System has been hailed as one of the if not the most consistent sounds over the last four decades. The consistency and success is down to how the sound is run. Everybody in the sound is considered equal and everybody’s role is important. The years of hard grafting in London, England and Europe have paid off as Cecil, aka King Tubby's took home the crown of No.1 London sound system in 2003. King Tubby's has won many titles along the way but feels that this crown is very important as nobody nowadays seems to differentiate between a DJ (carrying a box of records) to a sound system and all what that entails. At the end of the day King Tubby’s Sound System is there to entertain their supporters and this can only be done if there is harmony amongst the crew in the camp. As the sound is now looking forward to celebrating its 47th anniversary the formula must be a winning one.